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She Must Burn

She Must Burn - She Must Burn EP album art

She Must Burn

25th September 2015 – Ghost Music

01. Ascension
02. Possession
03. The Misery
04. Into Light
05. Wish To Exist
06. Eclipse

Relatively unknown newcomers, She Must Burn present a crushing take on metalcore with tinges of black metal and deathcore with their new self-titled EP. Not unlike Make Them Suffer, their music is replete with crushing breakdowns, piercing screams and grand strings, but also clean choral vocals and a distinct light/dark dynamic.

Ominously heavy opening track “Ascension” sets up a dark but symphonic mood before the pummeling “Possession”, which boasts an epic chorus line from keyboardist Aimy Miller that sounds like Evanescence on steroids. Two tracks in and there are already a vast array of influences shining through – rumbling core breakdowns are topped with symphonic strings, thrashy metal riffs and unstoppable black metal blast beats.

The Misery” is the brute of the EP, where Joe Sinclair’s mix of raspy screams and pitched shouts come into focus. The dramatic mix of black metal intensity with serene piano and string-focused sections are well written and sharply executed, and the sudden breakdown drops are certainly bound to go down a treat live.

She Must Burn’s knack for an emotive melody is strewn all over “Into Light”, which works almost as a breath of fresh air within the relentless blast beats and heavy breakdowns. Aimy’s soulful vocals are notable yet again on this mini ballad, and it notably sets them apart from their peers.

The final two tracks continue to show the band’s acute ear for blending the crushingly heavy and the melodic in equal measure. “Wish To Exist” even features a clean chorus from frontman Joe which gives the song a vibe not dissimilar to Bleeding Through. Closing track “Eclipse” is another display of Aimy’s powerful vocals sandwiched between pure ominous intensity. The build up to the final chorus flows perfectly right up to the final vocal trade off between Joe and Aimy.

She Must Burn is an awesome blend of genres, comparable to Make Them Suffer and Bleeding Through with a sprinkling of Evanescence-like emotion. The production is tight and the symphonic element of the band has space to shine above the crushing guitars which does them a heap of justice. Certainly one to watch and one worth catching live as soon as possible.

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