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[5th November 2013]

01. String Theory
02. Wave Particle
03. Sheltered Mind
04. Eleven
05. Hectic

OmnisighT are a progressive hard rock band hailing from the city of Vancouver, Canada; also known for the legendary prog master Devin Townsend. Their first album Path was released in July of 2012 on their own record label, and featured a guest performance from Canadian jazz fusion virtuoso Dave Martone. The band have since been making a few lives appearances and recording new material, which has been collected in a new EP called Wave Particle, in hopes of making the jump to a wider audience.

Immediately on the first track, the intro “String Theory”, we are greeted by some immense guitar skills. Seriously, these guys are fucking fantastic. And it isn’t mindless shredding either, but rather it contains a nice melodic flair. This is a theme throughout the release, as Blake Rurik and Raj Krishna continues to show their chops as well as their melodic creativity. Comparisons need to be made to Dream Theater and Racer X. Additionally, the guitar tone is superb; it’s nice and thick, with a huge amount of swagger. Occasionally it does sound a bit muddled and unclear, but most of the time it is really good, with the lead guitars especially sounding pristine; the harmonies sing through crystal clear.

In terms of sound, this is a very heavy prog rock release. It is clear that these guys were influenced by some of Soundgarden’s heavier fare in addition to the likes of later Rush and Dream Theater, which has resulted in a combination of heaviness, catchiness, and complexity that isn’t seen too often. The shredding is tasteful and not overused, but isn’t afraid to let it rip when the music calls for it. The last two or three minutes of the song “Eleven” are an excellent Dream Theater-esque ride into bright and flowing melodies. OmnisighT don’t have a keyboardist, but this is probably the only part where the addition of one might make a marked improvement.

The vocalist is quite definitely reminiscent of 90s heavy rock bands. His enunciation is good, and his tone is nice, though some of his lines seem a bit lacking in power. When he really gets into it though, he sounds good. The drumming is also worthy; it is solid, providing a great rhythm, and easily flowing through more complicated drum patterns and fills to add more interest to the music. The outro track “Hectic” is exactly that: a short but hectic flurry of riffs and solos to end the release on a high note, and some of the most insane shred work on the EP takes place on this tune.

Vancouver isn’t known for its prog, but OmnisighT are one of the good bands that operate within the city, and it is a true shame that they are not more widely known. The EP is a force of heavy rocking riffs and progressive flair. It has great songwriting, fantastic lead guitar work, clear and full production, and a generally enjoyable rocking groove. The five songs – three proper songs and two instrumental intro and outro tracks, – are very enjoyable for any prog rock fan who enjoys the heavier side of the genre.

Wave Particle will be available for free download or by donation if you feel like dropping these dudes some money.

Best songs: “Eleven”, “Sheltered Mind”, “Hectic


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