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Poisonous Birds

Poisonous Birds big_water_artwork

Big Water

26th January 2018 – Be Softly

01. Big Water
02. Little Puzzle
03. Minutiae
04. Schwer

Minimal guitars? Gasp! Luckily they are not at all missed on Big Water, Bristol duo Poisonous Birds‘ second EP and the follow up to 2017′s Gentle Earth.

With Big Water, Poisonous Birds have crafted an impressive EP that is swathed in layers of huge synths, abstract noise, a mixture of real drums vs sampled drums (albeit sampled by drummer Finn Mclean from sounds taken from Gentle Earth) and Tom Ridley’s tastefully-placed vocals.

Mclean’s drumming on title track “Big Water” is the star of the track, guiding the aforementioned synths and Tom Ridley’s ethereal vocal harmonies from a minimal, industrial-tinged opening through to a more post-rocky vibe and then finally locking-in with the bottom-heavy synths to reach a gritty, satisfying climax.

Little Puzzle” is reminiscent of The Black Queen; spacy, reverb-laden drum samples spar with a prominent synth bass, and with the vocal layers mixed beautifully, it evokes the best memories of the 80′s synth driven sound, keeping in line with the best of the band’s contemporary synth/post/rock counterparts.

Schwer” closes out Big Water with three and a half minutes of glitchy goodness, with sparse melodies and a soft drone underscoring the track and continuing the sonic tension of the first 2 tracks.

Whilst it would be easy to complain that three tracks is not enough, Poisonous Birds leave you wanting so much more – which is a sure sign of great things to come from the duo in 2018 and beyond.

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