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The Room Colored Charlatan

The Room Colored Charlatan - The Veil That Conceals album art

The Veil That Conceals

15th April 2016 – Subliminal Groove Records

01. An Awareness
02. Perception I: An Awareness
03. Exist in Abstraction
04. Introspection
05. A Polarity
06. Perception II: The Silent Mind
07. Perception III: The Veil That Conceals

Back in spring 2014, a band from central Indiana dropped Primitives, a record anything but what its title might suggest, and considered by some as one of the most underrated albums in the tech bubble. Fast forward to 2016 and follow-up The Veil That Conceals has a lot to live up to. The Room Colored Charlatan are on the cusp of being included with fellow compatriots After The Burial, Periphery and Born Of Osiris in flying the flag for American tech. Can they finally smash through the glass ceiling like Charlie did in the elevator? Spoiler alert: yes, and then some.

Setting the mood with a giant soundscape filled with nebulae, the lead up to “Perception 1: An Awareness” is the calm before a storm – a storm for which you’re going to need a crash helmet, as things tend to get a little rough. It’s not all heavy mind, as there’s the obligatory chill parts you’ll find in any run of the mill tech, but the difference here is that The Room Colored Charlatan have a knack for hitting you right that special place that makes the hairs on your neck stand to attention.

The addition of Destiny Potato‘s Aleksandra Djelmas on “Exist In Abstraction” is a genius move, and a big part of this. Her voice adds a softer dimension to the jagged tech; the harmonisation between Aleksandra and Jared Bush leave you weak at the knees and ready for a nice sit down.

Once you’ve made a nice little nest and are feeling cosy around the album’s midway point, “A Polarity” is unleashed and shreds at your flesh like a pack of bloodthirsty raptors. Remember that scene in Jurassic Park where by a cow is lowered into the raptor cage? Welcome to the tech equivalent, where the riffs are nothing but pure meat!

The jewel in the crown, as it were, is the album’s finale. The title track is a nine-ish minute journey right through the periodic table of tech. It’s like the whole album was leading up to this very point, and like hell are The Room Colored Charlatan going to make you forget this journey you have embarked upon; it sees the band firing on all cylinders; it’s a hulking juggernaut that decimates everything within earshot.

As far as I’m concerned, The Veil That Conceals is already a contender for album of the year, and it’s only March. It’s a grand shame that The Room Colored Charlatan aren’t better known; this record is a gold mine with seams ready to be plundered.

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