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Scale The Summit



18th September 2015 – Prosthetic Records

01. The Winged Bull
02. Soria Moria
03. Pontus Euxinus
04. Trapped In Ice
05. Stolas
06. The Isle Of Mull
07. Kestral
08. Oort Cloud
09. Blue Sun
10. The Golden Bird

Two years on from the release of their spectacular fourth album The Migration, Texan instrumental progressive band Scale The Summit are at it again with their aptly named fifth album V. A band on the periphery for many, despite their prolific output, this gorgeous record should make fans of many.

Immediate and face-slapping is Mark Michell’s bass tone; it’s enough to make you go weak at the knees. I don’t ever remember being as stunned as this by previous outings, and it only proceeds to make go more gooey as V progresses.

The stunning artwork, by illustrator Duncan Storr – who was also responsible for The Migration‘s lush, organic cover – is evocative, and gives a clear indication to the journey you’re about to embark on; one befitting the epics, and on par with Homer’s odyssey. It’s a contender for album cover of the year for sure.

In fact, I’m hard pressed to think of a musical journey that I’ve enjoyed this much in years. The riffs and licks are all performed flawlessly, and smash you in the face like a stormy sea; cleansing and invigorating, you’ll feel like a better person for it. Squeezed into just under an hour, V‘s voyage feels like a visit to Narnia, Hyrule, Westeros and Tamriel – like the magic carpet scene in Aladdin, only less cringy.

Like a post-coital smoke, you may well need a cigarette as “The Golden Bird” flies into the distance, because the eargasm you get from V is one of pure euphoria. To say the band have knocked it out the park is an understatement, and as far as purely instrumental records go, it surely belongs in the upper echelons. Get this album, make a cuppa, and find somewhere comfortable for an hour or so. You can thank me, or more importantly, Scale The Summit later.

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