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No Sin Evades His Gaze

No Sin Evades His Gaze - Age Of Sedation albuma rt

Age Of Sedation

8th August 2014 – Self-released

01. A Crack In The Looking Glass
02. Age Of Sedation
03. Motionless In Obedience
04. Filth
05. Roll Up The Royalty
06. Debris
07. The Cycle Resets
08. Biometric Alchemy
09. The Guillotine Blade
10. Affinity


Some bands do their growing up in public, gradually inching towards maturity through countless support slots and demo releases – but things are different with No Sin Evades His Gaze. With just a handful of festival appearances under their belt, the band are set to drop debut album Age of Sedation, and it is a bit of a beast.

Of course, No Sin Evades His Gaze haven’t been grown in a laboratory. The band’s members have been seen previously in other outfits, such as Bleeding Oath and Ravenface, and have spent much of the last year working in private on their latest endeavour. These efforts have clearly paid off, as Age of Sedation showcases a startlingly mature and polished sound.

After a suitably apocalyptic spoken word intro, the title track and lead single serve as a bruising statement of intent. Whilst the band utilise tones, tunings and rhythms that are very much of the moment, Age of Sedation clearly takes its many of its cues from some of the classic groove metal of the nineties. The mixture of burly riffs and solos of Machine Head‘s Burn My Eyes, the precision and industrial overtones of Fear Factory‘s Demanufacture and the flat-out aggression and nihilistic themes of Slipknot can all be heard in the mix.

Even with these collected influences, No Sin Evades His Gaze manage to avoid (evade?) falling into a trap of derivativeness, especially through a pointed avoidance of the standard, sharp and ringing clean guitar tones that are surely going to date many contemporary releases. Instead, guitarists Dan and Kevin weave spidery motifs over the crunchy riffs with flair and distinction. Between them, the pair balance technicality and groove without succombing to awkwardness, fussiness or over-indulgence.

This streamlined efficiency extends into both the songwriting and song selection. With 10 tightly written tracks clocking in with a run time of under forty minutes, Age of Sedation is as lean as it is mean; shorn of any superfluous interludes or indulgences. A number of tracks feature some of the lushest orchestral accompaniment you’ll hear outside of a Xerath record, yet it is deployed sensitivity and never over-eggs the pudding.

But NSEHG’s less-than-secret weapon is vocalist James Denton. As comfortable with Corey Taylor-esque rhythmic barking as he is with soaring and hooky melodies, and with an ear for a fine turn of phrase, he is already proving to be a versatile and characterful frontman for the band.

Closing track “Affinity” brings all the elements together in a rousing finale with a positively enormous chorus. Most bands only reach these levels of songwriting maturity after a couple of albums, so what No Sin Evades His Gaze have achieved with Age of Sedation is startlingly impressive.

The likes of TesseracT and Monuments really kick-started this strain of modern British metal a few years ago and have now grown up and are touring the world. Along with bands like Red Seas Fire and Exist Immortal, No Sin Evades His Gaze should be considered in the vanguard of the second wave – and with a debut album as strong and self-assured as Age of Sedation, the sky really is the limit for them. Expect great things.

Age of Sedation is currently available to pre-order through the band’s bandcamp page.