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Ten Foot Wizard

Ten Foot Wizard - Sleeping Volcanoes

Sleeping Volcanoes

18th May 2015 – Self-released


01. Through This World
02. One We Go
03. Up And Away
04. Railway Shuffle
05. Miss The Sex
06. Walk The Planck
07. Covered In Tits
08. Mind Control
09. Ode To Death

“Fuck you! I’m covered in tits!”

Manchester’s Ten Foot Wizard sing from the same hymn sheet as Clutch and Mastodon, with a figurative smörgåsbord of blues-soaked riffs and killer vocal hooks. Their first record came out two years ago, and now they’re back with the long awaited Sleeping Volcanoes.

From the very first lick of “Through This World”, it’s abundantly clear that these guys have upped the ante from their previous works. Bluesy riffs flow over pulsating and addictive bass lines. Frontman Gary Harkin’s vocals are sharp and ever present, and their smoke-edged huskiness lends itself to a killer scream mid-way though the track, which is a welcome surprise to say the least.

“On We Go” follows suit with bass-driven haziness, and with shades of Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Night, we’re carried on through to “Railway Shuffle”, a slice of pure blues rock excellence, feeling more like a fluid jam than a structured song and the results are astounding; it’s a raucous attack on the ears that makes the track that follows even more powerful.

From deep within comes that slow burning roar that flows into “I miss the sex, don’t miss the drama!”. It’s utterly filthy, and having witnessed this live several times, it packs the same punch recorded. It’s a summer song: a sing along song, and an exciting journey that implores you to drink, dance and fuck – all at the same time, naturally. By the time you get “Covered In Tits”, you’re totally engaged in the delights of Sleeping Volcanoes and everything it has to offer – so much so that even the theramin seems completely normal.

The final two tracks take a somewhat serious turn, but they’re still thoroughly entertaining. “Mind Control” flows into Ode To Death”, which sees Ten Foot Wizard at their most progressive; it’s a Pink Floyd-esque track, bringing Dark Side Of The Moon to 2015. Delicately harmonious guitars and introspective lyrics dance around each other, and the nine minute track breaks into a spoken word section from British philosopher Alan Watts, adding to the track’s impact.

It is clear that Ten Foot Wizard are still growing, and with each track they become something bigger; something more current and ever more intriguing. The future remains bright for these smoke-hazed wizards of the north.


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