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Crushed by the Wheels of Progress

21st July 2015 – Orchestrated Misery Records

01. Meet Mr Mossberg
02. Climbing The Mountain
03. Seasons End
04. Manifesto
05. Crushed By The Wheels Of Progress
06. Spiral Stairs
07. Before I Return To Dust
08. Virginia Creeper

Hailing from Michigan City, Indiana, stoner trio Yellowtooth have over twenty years experience in amongst various bands, and as such are as much long-in-the-tooth as Yellowtooth. Their latest album Crushed By The Wheels Of Progress - especially for a three piece – sounds absolutely massive.

Self billed as “a musical dreadnought”, it’s easy to see why the band have made such a claim. By a long way, the album’s strongest point is the power of their riffs: like Orange Goblin, Down and Crowbar provided the soundtrack to an orgy – with Yellowtooth the resulting offspring, being fought over on Jeremy Kyle (and not the first time ol’ Jezza has seen a yellow tooth either).

In terms of broad musicianship, it’s not exactly on par with the likes Opeth, but it serves a much different purpose. It’s the kind of music to get hammered to, and maybe smash up a couple of chairs in the process; it’s balls to the wall and high octane – if a little repetitive, which is sort of a shame. It feels like that once you get to the album’s mid-way point, all the songs bleed together and congeal into an amorphous blob that repeats itself every four minutes or so. That being said, that’s probably the record’s only downfall – ironically, crushed by a lack of progress rather than the wheels of.

If you’re looking for piles of random time signatures and obscure guitar tunings, then perhaps you need to keep on looking. Yellowtooth, and more importantly, this album isn’t about any of those things I mentioned, and to be honest, if I’d necked a bottle of Jim Beam, I wouldn’t be looking for those things either. This is fighting music at its finest, and trust me, that’s a glourious thing.

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