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I was pretty cut up earlier this year when Thrice announced they would be going on hiatus following the end of their spring touring schedule. After fourteen years and eight entries into an ever experimental but consistent discography, it felt like losing an old friend. I can’t say I was there from the beginning, but I’ve been following them for at least half of it, so I was glad to be able to catch them on their farewell tour, during which they played a sweaty and appreciative HMV Forum in Kentish Town.

Down but not quite yet out, the band are due to release a live double album called Anthology, recorded I believe across the span of said final run out. It’s due out tomorrow and is being streamed via the below Soundcloud players, in conjunction with OC Weekly.

For Thrice fans I’d say this is pretty much a vital listen, if not definite purchase. I don’t often go for live albums, but Thrice were that good, and this captures the experience well.

Also out tomorrow is Red Horse, the new album from west coast hardcore band Early Graves. We’re seriously being spoiled this week, aren’t we?

Early Graves have not had an easy couple of years – the prime factor being the tragic loss of vocalist Makh Daniels in a van accident whilst travelling  to Reno. Makh is still cited as a member of the band on their Facebook page, which is testament to how special he was to them. As crushing as this event no doubt was, Early Graves have continued on, and John Strachan does a marvellous job on vocals, providing an almost sacrilegious screech that wouldn’t be out of place on a black metal record. The production on Red Horse is lo-fi in all the right ways, and the guitars are crunchy and rev like twin chainsaws. Lovely stuff!

It’s streaming over at Brooklyn Vegan, should this particular slice of venom take your fancy.

That’s all from me. Over to The Anthropophagist for a word on that Rings Of Saturn record…

For those in need of a healthy dose of alien-themed technical deathcore, Californians Rings of Saturn have had their hands forced by a series of unfortunate circumstances, and as such have released a stream of their entire new album, Dingir almost four months before it will be released.

The stream is primarily a reaction to an unauthorized, pre-production leak of the album that has been making the rounds in the metal blogosphere since Friday morning. Concerned that everyone would think Dingir sounds terrible, they released a stream of the album themselves, so that fans could listen to the full-quality album, as it was intended to be heard – damage control essentially, and surely a smart move.

There’s more to it, however. Owing to some unspecified legal reasons, Dingir is also being pushed back from its intended November 20th release, and will now instead be available February 5th. Watching things like this happen to bands is never easy, as the dip in anticipation can harm their first week sales, which as they point out themselves in a statement regarding the decision on their Facebook page, affects what tours they can get on, and subsequently how many fans they can reach worldwide.

Anyway, you can check out the stream below; you know, if you like that kind of thing.

Do you think protracted delays in releasing promised new material harms a band? Would you prefer bands to follows Rings Of Saturn’s example, or do you prefer the anticipation?