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Robots Pulling Levers Have Finally Released Their Debut Album!

Robots Pulling Levers - Zong

Robots Pulling Levers is yet another madcap musical project from prolific and eccentric guitarist whizz-kids Vishal Singh and Mark Hawkins. Apparently not content with being in almost every internet musician project ever – including jazz outfit LVM Trio, whose most recent effort we premiered back in November - the dynamic duo decided to create yet another project that is a pure love letter to crazy guitar noodling as robots work hard to pull all lose levers. I guess. The project was announced all the way back in 2010 and sadly the two had to go through a series of protracted inconveniences and shenanigans until the album was finally ready.

The album was finally released last Friday and it’s a blistering debut that races past, barraging you with countless notes and technical wizardry. The fact that they also managed to assemble a production line of great guitarists to guest on the record (including friend of The Monolith Sacha Laskow) what you’re left with is a mindbending experience that’ll leave your head spinning. Zong! is available at your fingertips for the price of absolutely nothing! It’s a complete steal and a real treat to experience, especially for fellow guitarists or guitar focused music fans. Check it out if you haven’t already and don’t forget to leave them a donation. Every little bit helps!

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