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Rotten Sound - Species at War

[18th January 2013]
[Season Of Mist]

01. Cause
02. The Game
03. War
04. The Solution
05. Peace
06. Salvation


Finland is one of the last places that I would have thought of for grindcore but then again so was the vast majority of Scandinavia; that was until my exposure to Sweden’s Nasum. Everything after that point was different, for the sounds largely created through bands like Birmingham’s Napalm Death as well as New York’s own Brutal Truth and California’s Terrorizer had influenced enough of that northern sector of the world and some of those children were Vaasa, Finland’s Vomiturition who later switched from death metal to grind and became Rotten Sound. These fierce Finns helped make 2011 a great year by putting out 2 EPs as well as my #3 album of the year Cursed. Let’s have at Species At War.

EPs help set the tone for a band’s next LP, and in grindcore this may be even more important (I’m looking at you Wormrot) and if this six-song blast in just over eight minutes is any sign of what is to come, then we should be more than pleased about what is to come. Following the song titles we begin with “Cause“, pummeling you right out of the gate in the band’s metal tinged style of grind; nearly devoid of the punk tenets that helped shape the sounds of grindcore’s forefathers. The band does in fact offer you a respite as a part of the song “The Game” – a slow guitar and drum heavy track but as the song moves on with catchy riffs, you are then thrust back into the madness of “War“.

[quote-symbol symbol1]If this six-song blast in just over eight minutes is any sign of what is to come, then we should be more than pleased about what is to come.

Sami Latva’s drum kit nearly explodes from the insane pounding that it takes and later on the band takes their collective foot off of the gas and slaps together some excellent and crunchy riffs that pull you back in once more, wanting to whet your appetite for the next catchy section. Step one more track down and “The Solution” is there for all to see; slowly starting and then vocalist Keijo Niinimaa digs deep for his best vocal influence in the form of Mieszko Talarczyk, the now departed vocalist of Nasum. Not enough can be said about guitarist Mika Aalto on the track ‘Peace‘ as the amount of intricacy should certainly appeal to rabid fans of grindcore superstars Pig Destroyer. The level of play and attention to detail is one that in nearly unparalleled in the current day grind scene and a bit of a welcome change; as Rotten Sound play their combination style of old and new school grindcore.

Finishing with the fitting track “Salvation” the band once again blasts down the door and again comes in with their very metal basis and slowed down tempos, again providing a rest for the 7 minutes preceding this are a tough pill to swallow. Finally the band’s small crushing EP comes to as abrupt an end as it ultimately began; I’d have it no other way. For fans of the band as well as newbies, you owe it to yourself to listen to this over and over again as we wait with open arms for Rotten Sound to deliver on the LP front again much like their insane 2005 opus Exit. This should not be missed by fans of grind as well as fans of brash and in your face brutality.


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