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In celebration of The Ocean Week, plumb the briny depths with our epic Spotify playlist

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The Ocean Week is The Monolith’s celebration of all things wet and wonderful in metal, with The Ocean’s new album Pelagial the raison d’etre.

Being that this week is a celebration of all things oceanic in the musical world, we’ve decided to kick the week off with a special themed playlist. Our titular prog post-metal favourites The Ocean do of course crop up a few times, but there is a lot of other stuff here.

The only stipulations for inclusion are that the song has something to do with the ocean (or the sea, or water, or ships, or aquatic monsters etc.) – and of course be what is commonly referred to as a CHOON MATE! around these parts (a colloquial expression of joy upon hearing one of one’s favoured shanties).

We’ve got more post-metal from the likes of ISIS and Pelican, more party-based metal from Every Time I Die, atmospheric black metal from Altar Of Plagues and Alcest, tech-death from Obscura, as well as some all-time classics such as Gojira‘s “Ocean Planet” and Mastodon‘s “Seabeast“.

I lost count of playtime along the way, but I reckon it’s around the six hour mark. Lots of cool stuff in there you may not have heard before (I know I found some stuff on my journey, recommended by my fellow staff) so hopefully this will get you into the spirit

(If the embed isn’t working for you, you can find the playlist by following this link)

Make sure to check back all week for TONNES of Ocean Week content, and check the section below on every article for what we’ve done so far.

The Ocean Week content so far:

Plumbing The Depths: Fluxion

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