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Ghost live

We finished last week with Ghost, and now we’re beginning this week with them too!

Over this past weekend, Ghost released what anyone who has bought into the ‘Ghost Gospel’ could hope for: brand new material! The new track, entitled “Secular Haze,” was released as a download to anyone who offered their email as a ‘tithing’ to this website - however, given the nature of the internet, it was only  a matter of minutes before the track also surfaced on YouTube.

I was a huge fan of their debut album Opus Eponymous from 2010, and I found this track to be pretty great too. It rests its laurels pretty heavily on the keyboards, but it doesn’t disappoint as a Ghost track. It’s poppy, its grooves are catchy, it’s to the point, and the vocals are as clean and smooth as ever.

Certainly this would be enough to be overly excited about, but wait; there’s more! Ghost also released, via their own YouTube channel, a live performance of “Secular Haze.” Live Ghost clips are always fantastic considering the theatrical nature of their performances, but this one takes it to another level.

The band teased us on their Facebook page over the weekend, with a message from Papa Emeritus, the band’s singer himself, hinting that their show on Saturday night would be his final ‘ritual’:

Children of the World!I am summoning you all for my last ritual.

/Papa Emeritus I

If you watch the clip below, you’ll see what appears to be Papa Emeritus, dressed in white, hand off the mic to another Papa Emeritus who is dressed in black. Trying to convey the transition to a “new” singer presenting new material, Papa Emeritus II takes the mic and remains at the helm while “Secular Haze” is played.

As this band becomes more popular, these sorts of live performances are only going to grow in extravagance…and I can’t wait to see what they pull off next.

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