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Scale The Summit’s future looks pretty good

Scale The Summit 2012

There are probably a lot of clever jokes to be made about the title of Scale The Summit‘s new song “Oracle” – all much better than my feeble puns – but needless to say, the material we’ve heard from them thus far this cycle has been pretty good. “Oracle” is track five from new record The Migration, which is out next week, and whilst it doesn’t start off as my favourite so far – the heavy, almost djenty opening is a little jarring – it progresses nicely, and proves that, should weedly instrumental prog be your thing, then this record will be worth a look this year.

The Collective was one of my favourite releases from 2011, so I’m likely to look towards this favourably, but whether you’re interested or not, the technique and skill on display here are pretty damn good, and this is music that rewards repeat listens; revealing new bits every time. Should you have missed them, you can catch the opening two-track salvo here.

Scale The Summit have just embarked on tour with Intronaut and Mouth Of The Architect across North America (details of which are in the events calendar) in support of the new record, which also has a tab book companion for those so inclined to sit there scratching their heads with a guitar in their lap.

The Migration is out June 11th through Prosthetic Records.

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