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There’s nothing better than a little premature tour announcement to get the press all riled up – usually followed by an hour of apologizing and swearing up and down that things don’t normally go like this and that they’d been drinking for most of the night and they were a little jumpy – and well, you can see how some of us might wait a few days to see if anything more substantial pops up.

Doesn’t look like that will be happening right away so we figure we can tip people off to the fact that Swedish melodeath giants Scar Symmetry will be heading to North America for a tour beginning in late November. As of right now the band have only revealed a scant four dates (find ‘em in the Events Calendar!), which basically pan out to one date in Virginia, two in Canada and one in some place called New Jersey? We might have to check in to that one.

They’ll reportedly be touring with a pretty varied group of guys this time, including Threat Signal (also melodeath), prog metal newcomers Stealing Axion (whose debut album Moments we’ll be giving away on The Monolith Facebook page this evening!), and Lord of War(a sort of space metal/deathcore hybrid). The group are also soliciting ideas for their upcoming setlist, saying that they aim to have every album represented but right now it leans a little bit more towards Pitch Black Progress and understandably, the more recently released The Unseen Empire. We’ve been combing over various venues in our area (okay, really, I just checked the home town) and so far I can confirm there is nothing for Sacramento, CA so far, which probably leaves quite a few of you heartbroken. That could all change of course, and we’re not saying that there may be demand for such a thing, but we can say that Sacramento has some pretty nice venues and a lot of people who haven’t gotten the chance to see the band yet, no matter what frontman preference we may have. If anything, we’d probably be excited to just see Roberth make silly faces for an hour while growling. Just sayin’.