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Schemata Theory 2016

Networks, the new EP from Reading’s Schemata Theory , is nothing if not bold. Though only three tracks long, it’s one of those firebrand records that makes no bones about its message. Taking aim at humanity’s global-scale apathy, technology’s double-edged psychological sword, and the very intimate process of rebuilding your own life in the wake of trauma,  

You may not catch all that from an initial listen, to we’ve drafted in the lads to explain each of Networks‘ tracks in-depth – and they haven’t disappointed! Read on for the full skinny on the entirety of the Justin Hill-recorded EP!

01. “Our Only Home

You can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet, but it unfortunately seems to be mankind’s attitude when it comes to the extraction of fossil fuels. “Our Only Home” kickstarts our EP with an industrial feel and a sense of urgency, because this is an industrial scale crisis. If we fail to address this problem in the next decade then it means many of the world’s other huge challenges will become exacerbated by the effects of climate change.

We’ve included words spoken by American futurist, Jacque Fresco taken from all the way back in 1974 as it signifies how the writing has been on the wall for a very long time. We have the technology and the know-how to defeat our grotesque addiction to fossil-fuels, but do we have the will power before it’s too late?

02. “New Vision

This song is crafted with a message of personal learnings. I sustained a head injury back in 2014, which completely turned my life upside down. Whether it was work, social life, fitness or the band, every aspect had dissipated. However a long recovery process did ensue, inspiring the writing of “New Vision” which lays out the importance psychological resilience. The song’s tone and mood go through many changes, reflective of the emotional roller coaster that life can be.

Schemata Theory - Networks album art

Networks’ elemental artwork

Staying strong through moments of intense adversity is of course easier said than done, and situations differ from one person to the next. But when you’ve personally come out of a torturous episode that seemed never-ending, with feelings and memories so fresh & real, it feels imperative to carve these lessons onto a musical canvas. Thankfully my health is much better now.

03. “Horror Show

At a time when technology has enhanced our ability to communicate and empathise with others around the world, it has meant we are becoming increasingly exposed to problems and tragedies as well. This has in turn developed a great sense of frustration, anger, distrust and despair among much of the world’s population, who perceive political systems as failing institutions.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when exposed to so much injustice on one given day, but “Horror Show” puts forward the notion that if we strive for unity instead of falling for division, and if we all choose our own battles on what wrongs we wish to right, that collectively we can turn these global challenges all around.

Unity: too big to fail.

You can pick up a copy of Networks via Schemata Theory’s website.