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Scion A/V are wonderful folks ain’t they? We have no idea why they chose to get involved with our lovely corner of the interwebs, but Satan bless them for doing so.

Meshuggah hardly warrant much introduction, even on a site such as new as ours; nevertheless, for those who reside under the densest of rocks, the Swedish five-piece are renowned worldwide for their syncopated approach to industrial metal. The two have combined once more - having been involved with these guys before with a noisy-as-hell remix of the song “I Am Colossus“, as well as capturing some live footage – including for their new track “Demiurge“, which shows their live show to be an absolute juggernaut.

It comes from Koloss, this year’s long-awaited release from the band. The album has been described as being much more organic than their past efforts, but I definitely get a sense of the industrialism of old in “Demiurge“. The pace of the track is slow, relentless, and solid as the march of the army of their fans; pounding away – if somewhat grating sometimes – but undeniably meaty, and probably with lots of curly hair in unmentionable places.

Wait; am I talking about the track or the fans? I think I got lost in my own metaphor.

Anydiddles, observe ye the might of Jens Kidman and co.; filmed live at Terminal 5 in New York this May. We even get some up close and personal face time throughout the video with Kidman while he serenades/screams in our faces – for those of us that dream about that sort of thing. Not that we do of course but…uh…yeah. Movin’ on!

Insomnium are one of those groups that get better and better with each album. We here at The Monolith hold Above The Weeping World very close to our collective hearts, as for many of us it was our first kiss with this band and boy, was it a masterpiece. However, we can also recognize that Across The Dark and last year’s One For Sorrow were incredible in their own right, so although this happened over the weekend you better believe we’re going to use our reach to share this – if not just to expose people to new music. Let us express in no uncertain terms:

If you haven’t heard Insomnium yet, SHAME ON YOU, YOU LISTEN TO THEM NOW!

If you have, the video provided was a little underwhelming…but it does give a good view of the group’s live show, so those of us that haven’t had the ability to bask in their presence (I.E Sacramento, California) can still absorb what a live performance of an excellent song from an excellent record would look like. If you haven’t given “One For Sorrow” a listen; it’s another incremental evolution on an already winning formula and the band do it so flawlessly. They’re honestly one of the best out there.

We travel from one of the great albums of 2011 to one of the records vying for our affections in 2012 with Kamelot performing the song “Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)” from their new album Silverthorn. FuseTV premiered the video yesterday on Youtube for the whole world to see, but we’re spreading the word folks!

Kamelot have been through a lot lately, with their lead vocalist situation making a lot of news. Roy Khan was such an integral part of their sound, so every time even a peep of a vocalist came from the Kamelot Kamp people were all over it, critiquing the ungodly hell out of whatever poor sap decided to step into the firing line.

However, the announcement of Tommy Karevik as the man whose pipes would drive the band forward (™ The Monolith, 2012) silenced a lot of those same critics – mostly because that derisory noise was replaced by a collective “who?” – if they had no idea of the band Seventh Wonder, from whence he came. Let us assure you, one new album and a TON of photoshop fun later, Kamelot are still the exact same band. Tommy is scrappy as a new vocalist but he fills in the big shoes with ease. ”Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)“ may be your first exposures to the new Kamelot, but rest easy: they’ve taken the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of thought, and while Tommy clearly has his own voice, it has been molded to fit the Kamelot sound.

He also pulls off some amazing moves in the new video, so your pupils should be on your screens to watch him writhe around. It’s a catchy tune that should easily calm the Kamelot hardcore. Silverthorn will hit like a power metal asteroid on October 26th.