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Scordatura Scordatura are a five-piece brutal Death metal band that hail from a country that is commonly portrayed to be full of hard-drinking, foul-mouthed people with red-hot tempers. As an origin for quality brutality, it always comes first as a surprise, then quickly begins to make perfect sense. Not entirely because of the exhausted culture cliché’s, but because Scotland has over time, earned itself a reputation for high-end extreme music from providing a steady stream of quality groups that have made big waves in the scene.

With Scordatura’s new track ‘Neurotic Aberration‘ ripped fresh from their debut album due on February 1st, they look to do more than just contribute to Scotland’s sterling track record, they display that potentially they may have the tools to redefine it.

The genre of brutal death metal itself is a field of land mines one could blow their shins off running through blindly trying to hurdle through terms such as ‘technical’ ‘Grind’ and ‘slam’ without ever getting to the essence of things. What really appeals to me with Scordatura is that though they have the obvious sound and presentation of bands of a similar ilk, they set themselves apart nicely by utilizing a tasteful restraint with any generic-isms you could attribute to the brutal/death scene.

Yes the track is “technical”, but the guitar work from Dave Coia and Owen Mckendrick is far from an over indulgent widdle-filled affair; nor some banal stream of low end chugs. proficient as it is, this track in particular has a palpable old school riff-based ethos, and though replete with technical changes it still remains respectably faithful in structure. It all serves to make the track all the more memorable and re-playable.

The same can be said of the vocal work Daryl Boyce has provided, instead of polluting  the clarity of the track track with ultra guttural, even borderline farmyard animal-esque style vocal work, he focuses on delivering more traditional low-end Death metal growls with all the authority you could hope for. The percussive contribution also isn’t mechanical or sterile but, tastefully restrained and solidly efficient.

The point I’m stressing is that Scordatura have created an original edge to their sound by avoiding the feeling of a mere boxes ticked affair, dictated by a ‘category’. it is merely a template for a variety of inspirations to come together, the way (in my own opinion) a good band should be. Also worthy of mention is that Scott Fuller of Abysmal Dawn executed the mixing and mastering of the album and he has provided a ice-crisp, modern result that does the groups effort nothing but justice.

This end of the Death Metal spectrum is less ventured by myself, but I hear a lot of the overlooked French group Kronos in these guys, with elements of Devourement, Cattle Decapitation, and even a trace of Blood Red Throne creeping in for good measure.

Though they formed in 2008, Torment Of The Weak will be Scordatura’s first full length release. Despite that their achievements are already impressive, sharing the stage alongside various death metal veterans such as Fleshgod Apocalypse and Severe Torture, not to mention touring with fellow countrymen (and woman) Cerebral Bore. “Neurotic Aberration” implies that at this stage in their career, this band can do no wrong.

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