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Scotland’s Fifteen Dead play pummeling, crusty d-beat with eardrum-rending fuzz and a hefty dose of blasting black metal mixed in. Formed in 2010, the band already has a split, live recordings, and several demos to show for themselves, and on October 26 they will be adding their new EP, titled Born To Never Understand, to that list. If all of that doesn’t make Fifteen Dead sound like a busy band add, a U.S. tour to the agenda, kicking off on October 31 with support from punx Population Zero out of Philadelphia.

Their NecroCrust demo is probably the most comprehensive release the band has to date (until we get Born To Never Understand, that is). “Coalition/Demolition” is driven by an unrelenting d-beat and melodic, evil guitar riffs culminating in intense shrieking and blasting. Self-described as having a “love of bands such as Darkthrone and Tragedy,” atmosphere isn’t lost on Fifteen Dead amidst their noisy, crusty incarnation of punk-black metal crossover. The tracks make use of clean guitars, eerie effects, and samples to the songs’ benefit; they’re dark, suspenseful and the juxtaposition allows the energy to explode when the band launches into a full on assault.

From the currently available preview of Born To Never Understand, Fifteen Dead certainly are not calming their music down. The production sounds more powerful without losing that jagged, crusty edge that makes the guitars sound just upset and miserable; exactly what a good black metal recording needs. The band has written that Born to Never Understand has developed from their previous releases through “a lot more metal elements creeping in…sweeping octave riffs, beat downs and more complicated rhythms and structures.”

Born To Never Understand will be available on October 26 via the band’s Bandcamp page.

Support DIY bands and make sure to catch them on tour with Population Zero in the U.S. starting next week. Dates up in the calendar shortly.