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A lot of praise is due for the collective 2012 in heavy metal but perhaps one of the greater successes to me and my love of old school heavy metal and hard rock would be the great happenings over at Shadow Kingdom Records. This record label’s online store is a treasure trove of old school metal without equal. One of the best things about them is that they scour the heavy metal landscapes and either restock particular albums that are out of circulation or in the case of the spectacular Manilla Road; put the albums out on their own label.

Much like the above song, Shadow Kingdom’s message is exactly the same. If you are a fan of older heavy metal and have a penchant for Vinyl or CDs, then you may do as I did and spend hours upon hours scanning their catalogue for just what I wanted, that being Manilla Road’s The Deluge. I also was happy to find out that another metal relic was dug up in the form of Pagan Altar and their entire catalogue is also available along with the recently re-released The Time Lord EP. As a matter of fact Pagan Altar’s debut Volume 1 is to be reissued properly in January in the form it was originally intended and with a new title Judgement Of The Dead.


It should also be noted that Shadow Kingdom are due to put out a few brand new albums on January 25th by two relatively unknown bands. The first of which is a progressive outfit by the name of Corsair; a band that feels as much like Wishbone Ash as it does Thin Lizzy and more recent band Exemption. As the record label clearly states “It takes an awful lot to “wow” Shadow Kingdom Records. When we come across something as special as Corsair, it stops us in our tracks and we allow ourselves to be completely hypnotized by the amazing sounds this Progressive Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal band is making.” If you fancy a bit of that old school flavor and bright flashes of new then Corsair is sure to make waves for you in 2013. The album is available from Shadow Kingdom’s Bandcamp right now but if you really shop their site, you are probably in the market for a physical copy. Click the image below for the album’s Bandcamp.

The other band of the aforementioned two would be thrash band Deceptor. Their sound is steeped in the large thrash metal scene of the late ’80s and is a little more extreme with a small dose of technical flair. Shadow Kingdom says “To describe what they sound like would almost be an insult to how good they are, but we can tell you to look at Paul Di’Anno era Maiden, “Rust in Piece” era Megadeth, and “Seven Churches” era Possessed and then try to wrap your head twice around that!” So if thrash metal is something you very much enjoy take a listen to Deceptor. Their EP Chains Of Delusion arrives on January 25. Click the picture for a taste.

Whether it’s rejuvenating the classics or promoting newer acts that help maintain that Old school heavy metal vibe; Shadow Kingdom means business! I would strongly suggest subscribing to their newsletter as they are constantly restocking their inventory and have a vast pantheon of wares to whet your appetite. The Monolith would like to thank Shadow Kingdom records for consistently being a positive force in the preservation, protection and proliferation of the roots of our beloved genre. We tip our hats to you guys!