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Norway’s rising exports Shining have previewed all manner of new songs

Shining - One One One

I’m not quite sure why, but Norwegian blackjazz band Shining are releasing their new album One One One tomorrow – but only in their native Norway. I guess there must be some sort of exclusivity deal, but fear not – we’ll be getting it soon enough.

We’re also being given the chance to sample  a large chunk this week. We already got a glimpse weeks ago with “I Won’t Forget“, – which is apparently on national radio playlists in Norway, which is fantastic – but this week has seen three songs being revealed – one a day – and we’ll be getting two more by the time Friday evening rolls around.

The first, on Monday, was “The One Inside“, which can be streamed over at Norwegian site Pyro. Following the template set out by “I Won’t Forget“, it’s actually quite a rocky song, with a fair amount of clean singing. The main riff is incredibly catchy, and frontman Jørgen Munkeby’s trademark harsh vocals kick in towards the latter half of the song.

The second track is called “My Dying Drive“, and harkens back to Blackjazz a lot more closely than the first two tracks we’ve heard – aping the opening of “Fisheye” and the spoken-word sections of “The Madness And The Damage Done“. Sonically it’s very similar too, with machine-gun drumming and a strong, pounding bassline.

The third is “Blackjazz Rebels“. The first track started but the last completed for the album, it’s certainly very experimental-sounding at times, particularly at the beginning, but it does sound very Blackjazzy, so they’re obviously not rebelling against the style. Jørgen states that One One One is the most immediate record they’ve ever made, with shorter songs in general, and this certainly seems true so far – Blackjazz‘s were generally between five and eight minutes long.

Today’s is called “Off The Hook“, and it’s described as the most pop-influenced track on the album, and that certainly fits – but in true Shining style, there are caveats to that.

[quote-symbol symbol1]The lyrics are about how there always seems to pop up new problems when you thought you’ve been through the worst of it. It really is meant as a positive message. Don’t let challenges surprise you. The bassline on the chorus is inspired by the song “March Of The Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails.

There’ll surely be another track tomorrow when the record drops, so make sure to check back!

If you missed it, we had Jørgen write a fantastic article for us a couple of months back, which explored the concept of sonic dissonance and how generations crave it in increasing doses. It’s a great read and more than we ever hoped for.

Make sure to catch One One One when it drops, and America – be on the lookout for Shining live soon. We have it on good authority that the money they won at By: Larm recently is going to be used to increase their exposure stateside. You lucky buggers.

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