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Norwegian band Shining release single “I Won’t Forget” and are awarded money at By: Larm

Jorgen Munkeby Shining

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Norwegian band Shining officially. 2011′s Blackjazz Live, a recorded version of their seminal 2010 album Blackjazz, was their last recorded output, so it’s safe to say we’re all about ready – and with two slices of news over the weekend, we’re confident they’re going to have a fantastic 2013.

On Friday night a brand new track surfaced online. Entitled “I Won’t Forget“, it sees the band returning with their off-kilter, jazz-influenced signature sound – the aforementioned blackjazz – which incorporates elements of blackened metal and saxophone-led jazz, as well as frontman Jorgen Munkeby’s harsh

As ever, the blackjazz sound pops right out of the speakers, and is unmistakable. Starting off like not unlike something English alt-rock band Placebo might put out, we’re soon treated to the thundering, spacey vibes with which the band are synonymous, which recall the essence of bands like Rammstein. We’ve been spinning it all weekend and it’s catchy as all hell, so the forthcoming album – One One One – is surely going to be a worthy follow-up to their last record.

The second bit of news dropped last night via an announcement from Munkeby on the band’s Facebook page. It revealed that the band – who are no stranger to national exposure, having performed on national television in their native country – have been awarded funding by energy company Statoil at by: Larm, the annual Norwegian festival/music conference, where the band played One One One in full. How the two are linked we’re not entirely sure, but it’s awesome news nonetheless. Of the award, the band said:

[quote-symbol symbol1]We are very proud that the jury picked as the act they believed the most in, among the 11 initial nominees. It also confirms what we already believe ourselves; that we have something worth fighting for, and something that deserves to reach further and farther.

We promise to make good use of the money, and we also know that in the end it’s really a gift for current and future fans of our music.

The money is intended to be used for promotion and touring (internationally!), and so expect to see even more of the band than we otherwise might have. Excellent news!

Keep your ears peeled for news upcoming news regarding One One One and those international touring plans.

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