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Shining - One One One

I actually saw this interview with Shining frontman Jørgen Munkeby last week and didn’t even pick up on the stream section, so the chances are you will have seen this already if you’re interested, but nevertheless it deserves mentioning.

The Norwegian group are gaining a lot of traction in their native country: they received the Statoil scholarship earlier this year – beating off competition for funding to further their exploits overseas, which they’ll be using to tour North America later this year – which was a massive vote of confidence, especially for a band of their ‘unique’ nature. Then again, their last album Blackjazz reached number 9 on the Norwegian charts, and their new record One One One is currently at 15, so perhaps Norway is a little more receptive to this kind of thing. The Scandinavian countries are generally known for their taste in metal, after all.

One One One also seems to be something of a metal/pop mesh – not in a gimmicky sense, mind, but something about the song structure and phrasing recalls Placebo or bands of that ilk, whilst maintaining an experimental mindset. We got quite a lot of previews a few weeks back, but here’s the whole thing!

The album definitely staggers back into their weirder areas of Blackjazz as it goes on; “How Your Story Ends” is a personal highlight, and the use of sax becomes ever more prevalent.

There was a video released recently for lead single “I Won’t Forget“, which again reinforces the pop/metal duality with a focus on frontman Jørgen, but also with weird sci-fi concepts and NSFW parts abound.

Should you have missed it, Mr. Munkeby wrote us a rather splendid article a few months back on the rise of sonic dissonance over the years, and how the human brain desires it.

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