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SikTh will release new music for the first time in nearly a decade this November


I’ve voiced my opinions on reunions a lot lately, but one of the more successful ones of recent years was the 2014 SikTh comeback. Appearances at Download and UK Tech Fest were by all accounts awesome, and the tour that followed was a lot of fun too. It’s difficult, when a band is built up so much in their absence, to set your expectations at the right level, but SikTh have not done too badly at all.

As such, it’s hardly surprising to learn that the reunion is a little more permanent now. Many had hoped the endeavour would yield new music, and as it happens their dreams are to come true, as the band have announced they are writing a new EP to be released in November- nearly a decade after their last record, the seminal Death Of A Dead Day.

Detail are scant so far – there’s no title (understandably, as writing is still underway) – and no exact date, but the plan is to crowdfund the release as they’re no longer on a label. Dan Weller offered the following comment on the reasoning:

We’ve always maintained that more music would emerge one day and for the first time in years it feels like now is the time. We had an amazing time travelling round the world last year. Having a chance to reconnect with our fans was very special for us

Mikee Goodman added:

We did not realise our music had spread so far! I believe we have amongst the most passionate and energetic fans in the World. I am honoured to play to them. But what we have been asked most is about new music. My desire to make new Sikth music is as strong as it’s ever been. I can’t wait to get started!

What’s more, a short December tour has been booked (support unconfirmed) for December, with dates as follows:

05/12 @ Classic Grand, Glasgow 
06/12 @ O2 Academy 2, Manchester 
10/12 @ Marble Factory, Bristol 
11/12 @ O2 Academy 2, Birmingham 
12/12 @ The Forum, London

You can pledge to the campaign here in the intervening months.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting for news from the members’ various other projects, including the new Aliases (Pin) and In Colour (Weller) records. There was word from Mikee’s Outpatients earlier this month, when they changed their name to Outside The Coma, but not much else. More on those when we have it!