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Skineater Release New Music Video


I know what you’re thinking. You read the words “Gothenburg” and “Swedish melodic death metal” and you think; “Oh boy, another In Flames clone, just what the world needs!” But wait! Then you read a little more and see the band’s name is Skineater…Hmm, maybe it’s worth a shot? Then you discover that Skineater are a Swedish melodic death metal supergroup comprising of members from a variety of bands including Carnal Forge, Dark Funeral, In Thy Dreams and Wombbath. Sounds far more promising doesn’t it? This is how the band works hard to dismantle your expectations.

This experienced group of musicians released their debut album, Dermal Harvest last month via Pulverized Records (read our review here). They’ve now released a new music video for the track “Dismantling“, which is a blisteringly heavy song that features impressive guitarwork with a very distinctly Swedish style of dual interplay. The way the guitars interact with one another is an instantly recognizable Swedish trait and will be reminiscent to anyone who grew up listening to the Gothenburg scene in the 90′s or early 2000′s.

This album is a pure throwback to a simpler time and is a great headbangable tune. By no means is that supposed to indicate or imply that it is derivative though, as the music is given a slightly different edge by the unique drum work employed by drummer Matte Modin due to his tendency to routinely break out into flurries of blasts or rapid fills and other techniques that are absent from this style of melodic death metal. Think classic At The Gates, but twice as heavy.

The video itself is a glorified performance video, which isn’t necessarily a criticism. It’s shot with coloured filters and there are some somewhat pointless cutaways featuring a little girl in a white dress stabbing a teddy bear. This is the kind of band where performance videos aren’t necessarily a bad thing though, as it’s great to just see them rip it up! Check it out.

What do you guys think? Is the kind of Swedish extreme metal you like? Is it too derivative? Are the cutaways in the video completely pointless? Are you against performance videos? Sound off in the comments!

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