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Sockweb 2013

Monolithic Records are super stoked to announce the capture of Richmond, Indiana-based grindcore duo Sockweb for the release of their debut album Werewolf.

Sockweb captured the imagination of the online heavy metal community recently when their songs “I Want Pancakes,” “Broken Glass Swan Dive,” and later “Werewolf”  (the latter of which features Erik Ebsen of Spiralmountain) went viral.

The reason for the consternation? Sockweb are a father/daughter combo where the daughter is just seven years old. The output is some of the most adorable grindcore ever heard by human ears; Adam “Blackula” Young writes and records the music, as well as supplementary vocals, but Joanie “Bologna” Young provides the primary vocal outlet, and ever since the earlier songs were released her chops have grown increasingly more brutal.

With topics ranging from pancakes to being grounded forever, Sockweb are something truly unique in the scene, and we’re pleased to be able to present a brand new preview track: “Bullies Are Mean“. You’re damn right they are!

Of the unique collaboration, Adam had this to say:

[quote-symbol symbol1]I’ve always been interested in writing some kind of extreme metal song and having her do vocals over it, but until recently, she didn’t show any interest in my music. After a few years of asking her and ultimately letting the idea sit on the back burner a bit, she approached me about it, and having recently getting into grindcore pretty heavily, it just sort of happened.

After we finished the first song, we sat down together and thought of things that were stinky, and things that were gross, then we put them together. Thus the name Sockweb was born.

Given her years, you might expect her dad to be the driving creative force – but Joanie certainly has her own say:

[quote-symbol symbol1]I’ve had to scrap songs because she thought they were too generic and “sounded just like the other songs.” Sometimes she’ll have me tailor some transitions to fit the vocal patterns, or she’ll have me redo my vocal parts until she’s happy with them. Nothing gets past her without her approval.

Whatever is a pressing issue to her at the time is what ends up on the track. First it was her need for pancakes, recently it’s been her dislike of a certain bully at her school. Since she’s so young, her filter has yet to develop, so everything that comes out is unabashed emotion.

Unabashed emotion? Grindcore? Sounds like a perfect combination – and it really is. As for the album name, it seems like that was a family-influence as well:

[quote-symbol symbol1]The title more or less came from her little sister saying that everyone with blue eyes are werewolves, which was also a good portion of the inspiration for the title track. While Jo was working on the album art, she threw out the suggestion and it just stuck. We’re both really into werewolf films and lore as it is, so it worked out.

Sockweb batman

Make sure to follow Sockweb on Facebook, and keep it locked on The Monolith (we also have a Facebook page, for reference) for future announcements about album details and more!

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