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The Future Is Bright – The Future Has More Sockweb!

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It’s been a while since we’ve officially wrote about one of our latest signings to Monolithic Records, Sockweb. This brilliant father and daughter grindcore duo have managed to build themselves a strong following, based not just on their great concept, but on the fact that they’re one of the few bands that actually have the musical prowess to exceed the expectations generated by that concept. When Sockweb and Monolithic Records announced their new partnership we debuted a song called “Bullies Are Mean” which has been consistently pulling in large amounts of plays on our Soundcloud everyday. Clearly, people are chomping at the bit for new Sockweb, so it’s about time we gave you all an update.

Sockweb’s debut album is called Werewolf and is tentatively set to be released in late May. Currently all of the songs are written, with most of them recorded instrumentally thus far. Vocals still need to be added to about half the songs, as well as a very special guest vocal performance. For those of you who have paid close attention to all of their music thus far, Sockweb are not a band content with staying within the confines of a single genre. They continue to push the envelope in other areas of the album – drawing influence from some unexpected areas. Without spoiling many of the surprises that the album holds, there are songs with dazzling orchestral sections, blistering technical guitar playing, and the album ends in a particularly powerful 6 minute + death metal epic.

Sockweb is pure musical expression for these young artists – neither of them are keen on the idea of repeating themselves or playing it safe and it’s what keeps the whole project interesting, fresh, and most importantly, genuine. Of course there will be many more surprises to discover once the full album is released.

Here is the tracklist for the record:

I Want Pancakes
Cletus the Fetus
Broken Glass Swandive
Rosa rubiginosa: Specimen A
Lilium catesbaei: Specimen B
Bellis perennis: Specimen C
Bullies Are Mean
Monkeybar Massacre
Don’t Get Mad, Get Fab (We’re Not A Fucking Gimmick, We’re A Fucking Band)
Trve Djent

What’s more, for those of you who are excited for the album, you can rest assured that you are yet to hear any of the final mixes for the album. It’s all going to be remixed by another producer, to ensure that it kick your teeth out the back of your head. Yes folks, those songs that you’ve eagerly devoured and obsessed over thus far are just DEMO versions, while the final tracks are going to be FAR heavier. Could we deliver better news?

But wait, there’s more! Who wants to set their grubby paws and hungry eyes on the album artwork for Werewolf? It was pretty difficult at first to find the right place to turn to, we wanted to find an artist that would accurately create a tableau that gave credence to the situation of a young girl finding a Werewolf in her room, but that could have been painted by a child. Trying to find a perfect balance between childlike prowess and actual professional artistry is a much harder feat than you would expect, but we were lucky to come into contact with the fantastic and always dependable Mandy Maxwell. This young artist is not only incredibly efficient with her timing and fair with her pricing – she always maintains the utmost professionalism when it comes to communication and is extremely understanding and flexible. I’ve worked with many artists, but it’s always refreshing to find the ones that truly engage with the concept and are unafraid to share their passion with you. You can check out her official website here

The album art is below. Be sure to tell us what you think!

Sockweb - Werewolf
The last call on the Sockweb agenda is a simple one. Independent music like this is made successful by you guys, the fans, and it’s all about what you want from your music. We have a lot of ideas for great Sockweb merchandise and the like, but this depends on what you guys really want from this band. Do you want to own Werewolf on CD? Vinyl? Do you want T-shirts? Colouring Books? Coffee machines? Condoms? Coffins? In all seriousness, what pre-order incentives get your juices flowing as consumers and where would you like to see Sockweb go in the future? Answers on a postcard!

Phew! That was an exhaustive list, but that’s everything that’s been happening in the Sockweb camp over the last month or so. What do you guys think? Are you excited for Werewolf‘s release? Do you like the album art? Do you want to own Sockweb on vinyl? What do you want to see more of? Let us know in the comments!

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