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No matter how often it happens, the idea of a double album always seems to take people aback – us included. The even stranger part is when it comes from such an unusual source, such as the ever consistent Soilwork. They may not be blowing peoples’ minds anymore but they can still write a solid hook and a heavy song when they want to, so when the band comes around and says that they are going to do a double disc called The Living Infinite, naturally some folks are going to turn their heads.

It had seemed like the band have been spinning their wheels a bit when it comes to records like The Panic Broadcast and predecessor Sworn To A Great Divide. You could’ve probably taken the five to six good to great songs off of each and made one heck of a great Soilwork LP, so the fact that they’re promising so much material in early March next year has probably left a few folks with their eyebrows cocked.

In an entry on their Facebook page – because for some reason they update that more than their official site – the band make a huge deal of the fact that they commissioned the album art (that you see above) from the same gentleman who did Stabbing The Drama so many years back. The album’s tracklisting is revealed in the same post, which is pretty goddamn lengthy coming in at a grand total of TWENTY Soilwork songs. Behold:

CD 1

01. Spectrum Of Eternity
02. Memories Confined
03. This Momentary Bliss
04. Tongue
05. The Living Infinite I
06. Let The First Wave Rise
07. Vesta
08. Realm Of The Wasted
09. The Windswept Mercy
10. Whispers And Lights

CD 2

01. Entering Aeons
02. Long Live The Misanthrope
03. Drowning With Silence
04. Antidotes In Passing
05. Leech
06. The Living Infinite II
07. Loyal Shadow
08. Rise Above The Sentiment
09. Parasite Blues
10. Owls Predict, Oracles Stand Guard

As this bit of insanity reveals its face in the form of songs and videos, you better believe we’ll be there. When it comes time for that endurance run of a review though, yours truly calls “not it”.