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The End Of The Ocean Another Monday means another beginning to the week – and with the beginning of this particular week, I feel like taking things easier than usual by diving into some instrumental post-rock. Assuming you remotely enjoy artists like Explosions In The Sky, then you will surely be able to get into Columbus, Ohio act The End Of The Ocean. This band debuted in late 2009 with an EP entitled Calm Seas Don’t Make Sailors, which fostered an extremely positive albeit small internet following.  It was with their follow up to this EP, 2011′s Pacific·Atlantic, that really put them on the map. Last year, they also released another EP entitled In Excelsis. While The End Of The Ocean’s sound isn’t exactly anything you haven’t heard before, it is strangely a refreshing take on the genre and comes across as an honest expression of themselves. It incorporates many of the common traits that factor in to post-rock: clean/almost ethereal sounding guitars, flowing rhythms that are of slow or moderate tempo, and keys/synths that help to establish a very nostalgic kind of atmosphere. While bringing something new to the table is what I’m sure many people believe is what is essential for up and coming bands, I’m here to tell you that The End Of The Ocean prove there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking basic elements like these and just playing them honestly and well. For anyone interested, go check out their Bandcamp Page. It’s never my style to do a post like this and not provide some material to back up my claims, however. So, below, I’ve embedded my personal favorite track of theirs and a live performance. Enjoy!

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