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United Nations

[quote-symbol symbol1]So we got sued by United Nations. We’re just this stupid band and they’re a humanitarian organisation but I think it raises a lot of good causes about how anybody with money and power can trample anybody without it. So we’re gonna keep on doing this band and we’re gonna keep calling it United Nations, and when they try and sue us they won’t be able to find us because we’ve never copywrited our songs. You guys can steal them; you can copy them; you can do whatever you want. Some things are not about ownership.

If you caught one of our earliest features – the one about supergroups (they’re at #5) - you may remember us spouting on about United Nations, a powerviolence band of superlative quality whose only official member is Geoff Rickly, the former frontman of the now disbanded post-hardcore group Thursday.

You would also know that the group have been more dormant than not since they formed in 2005, with all of the other ‘non-members’ being in successful groups themselves; Ben Koller of Converge, Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw/Head Automatica and Christopher Conger of The Number Twelve Looks Like You to name but a few who have taken to the stage as part of the collective, and flourished elsewhere in their professional careers.

Existing in the sphere of music and ethics that they do – punk principles being highly important – the band have come into conflict with outside institutions on several occasions. The cover of their self-titled debut album depicted the famous Beatles Abbey Road cover, except with all of the members on fire, and stores refused to sell it on copyright grounds. As such, only 1000 copies exist and I’d imagine they’re incredibly collectible.

United Nations have also long been embroiled in a running battle with…well, The United Nations, funnily enough. For obvious reasons, the international organisation have taken issue with the band using both the name and a mock-up of their logo. As a result both the band’s Facebook and MySpace pages have been terminated – but as Rickly was recorded saying to a crowd at the band’s January 18th in Brooklyn NY that “some things are not about ownership”, before launching into a new song called “United Nations Vs United Nations“.

The band, whose promotional photographs feature them all in identity masking Reagan masks, appears to have been formed on this occasion of Rickly, Jonah Bayer (Lovekill) and Lukas Previn (Acid Tiger) on guitar, Ben Koller on drums, and someone I can’t place on bass. Ace. Dates have been played over the weekend, and unfortunately the final show is tonight at The Barbary in Philadelphia, with Old LinesBlack Clouds and Braille. Get down if you can.

So does this activity mean United Nations are ready to unleash new material upon us? Only time will tell, but hopefully this does indeed yield unto the world a new UN record.

In the absence of a Facebook page, you can keep up to date with the band via their Twitter or website. Check out the FAQ page for some hilarious misunderstandings. Stay punk, people.

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