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Soreption Unveil A New Trailer For Their Impending Sophomore Release

Soreption - Engineering The Void

Soreption are a Swedish technical death metal band that implement a lot of complex playing and structures in their own unique brand of neck-snapping extremity. Today they’ve just released a trailer for their new album, Engineering The Void, which is due out soon.

Engineering The Void is their second album and the band have taken to their social media as of late to declare it as the best work they’ve ever accomplished as a band, which of course, is no small feat after considering some of the impressive work that the relatively young band displayed on their debut album, Deterioration Of Minds. While it didn’t revolutionize the genre, it showcased a relatively inexperienced band that had the potential to take the modern extreme metal scene by storm. After digesting the new music glimpsed in the trailer for Engineering The Void, it’s clear that the band weren’t lying.

If technical death metal is your thing, then you my friend, are in for a fantastic treat. The music includes raging guitar lines and powerful percussion, all resulting in a skull crushing kick to the face. There’s a healthy mix of influences on show here, on one song they seemingly dart between inspiration from both Meshuggah and Spawn Of Possession, which while both Swedish extreme metal bands, couldn’t be more different. That particular section evokes a sense of a more death metal version of Meshuggah’s massively popular “Bleed” which is a cool thing to hear.

All in all, the music is a strong example of modern technical death metal and will likely appeal to fans who have embraced the cleaner sound of death metal. Saying that though, if you like your death metal crusty and filthy you’re unlikely to find much for you here. Understandably modern technical death metal has taken a very clean, and almost digital approach in an attempt to more clearly showcase the intricate musicianship at work, however it does sacrifice some potential heaviness as a trade-off. Soreption wear it well though and Engineering The Void sounds rather beastly, despite the overly clicky drum pedals on display.

What do you guys think? Is this your kind of music? Are you excited about new Soreption music? Sound off in the comments!

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