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One of the first great surprises of 2016, Aussie hardcore band Statues dropped debut album Together We’re Alone back in January; a record that absolutely kills it on all fronts. Beautiful and Herculean in equal measure, the band should be rightly proud of it.

It’s been a wild year for the band. They’ve gone from having released Together We’re Alone (to killer reviews, no less) – and then over the period of eight months, they lost both their drummer, Daniel, and vocalist, Jayme. However, the latter events haven’t broken their stride, and the band are happy to announce new members Matt Unkovich and Alex Shom on drums and vocals respectively!

Statues 2016

To celebrate, and in the true holiday spirit, Statues are giving away Christmas cards which will feature a brand new song called “Dogswamp“; the first with the new lineup.

If you want a card, and to hear the new song first, all you have to do is PM them on their Facebook page, or e-mail them at with your address. Simple!

Dogswamp” will be officially released to the public late January.