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Catch the second new track from Neurosis frontman Steve Von Till’s new solo album

Steve von Till 2015

It’s spring. It’s sorta sunny outside. But no-one wants to be happy, right? No, you want to feel stretched and melancholy and feel like you’re sitting in the saloon of a down-and-out frontier town with no prospects, and you’re another empty bottle on the road to your inevitable demise.


That’s sort of how I feel listening to Steve Von Till. Better known as the voice of Neurosis, he’s also well known as a solo artist, and with a new solo record on the horizon, we’ve been given another sneak peak at the crushing ennui that will be A Life Unto Itself with the track “In Your Wings” – and here it is:

All of a sudden I feel cold. This might sound like a bad thing, but it’s the hallmark of powerful music, and the fact the this is achieved with such sparse instrumentation – and let’s be honest, mostly thanks to Steve’s unmistakable voice – is impressive to say the very least. There’s a palpable world-weariness conveyed through his haunting lyrics, the infrequently-strum acoustic, and the wailing background notes.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard during this album cycle; the title track was debuted last month, and offered a similar session of superlative sorrow. Paired with this track, we’ve got the record’s opening salvo, and it already sounds great. Just…probably don’t listen to it if you’ve got anything to do later that day, because you’ll probably sink into a malaise that only sleep and strong whiskey will cure.

Also featured on the album is North American composer Eyvind Kang on viola, percussionist Pat Schowe, and Jason “J.” Kardong on pedal steel guitar, and the full tracklist looks like this:

Steve Von Till - A Life Unto Itself album art
01. In Your Wings
02. A Life Unto Itself
03. A Language Of Blood
04. Night Of The Moon
05. Birch Bark Box
06. Chasing Ghosts
07. Known But Not Named

A Life Unto Itself will be released May 12th via Neurot Recordings. No word of any touring as yet.