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It seems we have to just sit here and bide our time for a bit whilst Porcupine Tree stew on making new material. It’s been since 2009′s The Incident that we’ve seen anything from them outside of live CDs/DVDs, and when there is a new record rest assured that we will cover the everloving shit out of it – if not just because I personally swear by Fear Of A Blank Planet and In Absentia.

Before any of that happens though, Steven Wilson will strike once again with another album for his own solo library entitled The Raven That Refused To Sing, which will be available at the end of February next year via Kscope. It’s a six song CD with each song clearing about seven minutes or more, and you can read every single detail on the new disc at Steven Wilson’s personal site.

It’s nice that they’ve revealed everything in one run instead of doing the usual drip feed of info. Steven Wilson’s solo works are varied as can be, moreso than what he’s done with the other guys under the Porcupine Tree banner. His last release Grace For Drowning was part of a pretty good windfall of Steven Wilson-related music last year. He made videos for quite a few of the songs, including my favorite “Remainder The Black Dog“, which is a nine minute journey into piano, jazz, and eventually utter discord before calming back down again.

He’s also got some downloads posted for free on this page if you’re looking for some other interesting starters, like how the Storm Corrosion project was sounding early on, or some extended Blackfield cuts. It’s a worthy resource before seeking out the rest of his stuff via Soundcloud or YouTube, where you can find majority of it.