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Stone Sour Release Impressive New Lyric Video For “Do Me A Favour”

Stone Sour House Of Gold & Bones Part 2

Stone Sour are a band that I’ve had a tumultuous love affair with. SlipKnot are pretty much the band responsible for my musical evolution and discovery, particularly the first two records, so I was always interested in Stone Sour’s output.

For those not in the know, the bands are linked by their charismatic frontman, Corey Taylor. Taylor has a pretty colourful past and has always been very forthcoming and honest in his music. Say what you will about SlipKnot, but their lyrics were genuine and the vitriol spilled from Taylor’s lips in their heyday was venomous and cathartic.

Stone Sour was the band he originated from before being chosen to front Iowa’s most prominent rising stars, SlipKnot. Without Taylor Stone Sour languished and disbanded, only after Taylor’s voice initially perished on the Iowa tour and SlipKnot separated for the first time, did  Stone Sour reform and begin to work on new material.

Their first album is a heady mix of aggressive rock with metallic tones and allowed Corey to flex a different set of musical muscles. Their sophomore album Come Whatever May was a brilliant barbed criticism of the failures of the American political system as well as just an honest, strong hard rock record.

Unfortunately their third album, Audio Secrecy succumbed to the mainstream pressures that were placed upon them and as a result,was a lot tamer and the emotional content was far less palpable. Unfortunately, it was a lacklustre, toothless album and a large blemish on an otherwise worthy track record. That’s when we fell out of love and all that sexy canoodling stopped.

However, Taylor and co. seem to have come back with retribution in mind. When they announced last year that they were releasing a two part concept album entitled House Of Gold And Bones Part 1 & 2 it made me stop and take notice. A concept album seemed a little bit unpredictable for a band like Stone Sour and it’s clear that the band are keen to show that there’s still life in those ageing bones.

Part I was released last year, and was a real return to form for the group, and soon Part II will be unleashed upon all of us.

Today, a new single for the second part of the concept series has surfaced online entitled “Do Me A Favour” and is partnered with a very technically impressive lyric video. A lot of these videos are often just fully animated album art backdrops, but this one makes a lot of use of impressive silhouettes and visual cues. The song itself is pretty good, a strong blend of attitude with a stompy beat. Sure, there are more “pop” orientated elements scattered throughout, especially on the gangshouted melodic chorus, but these are inoffensive and undeniably catchy and compelling. So, do me a favour and suspend your ire and check it out, you may just surprise yourself. I know one more listen and I’ll probably be singing along.

House Of Gold & Bones Part 2 will be released on April 9th, 2013 via Roadrunner Records.

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