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Swedish post-metalists take a second stab at the already seminal Vertikal

Cult Of Luna - Vertikal II

Not content with putting out a full album already in Janurary this year, Umeån septet Cult Of Luna are now about to put out an EP of left-over material from the album – that being Vertikal – sessions. Imaginatively titled as Vertikal II, it’s a continuation of the morose, doomy sound of the full-length, which took artistic direction from the classic dystopian cinematic masterpiece Metropolis, an 1920s German expressionist film that explored class divides with a variety of social metaphors. It’s pretty dense at times.

Frontman Johannes Persson said this about the EP:

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Vertikal II is the continuation of our journey into the harshness of the monotone city landscape. The songs were written during the Vertikal-session and we always intended them to be released close to the album. Justin Broadrick‘s remix was not a part of the original plan but since it came out phenomenally good we thought that it would fit perfectly as closer of the whole Vertikal-project. With Vertikal II we complete and end a chapter that, for the last few years, have been a big part of our lives. Now we leave the inner city and look up into the vast void above.

The presence of legendary British musician/producer Justin K. Broadrick (of Godflesh fame) is very welcome and definitely noticeable; his propensity for warm, electronic tones is very tangible on the remix of ”Vicarious Redemption“, which appears on Vertikal proper.

Here’s the tracklisting:

01. Oro
02. Light Chaser
03. Shun The Mask
04. Vicarious Redemption (remix by Justin K. Broadrick)

Want to know what it all sounds like? Well you can, as the four-track is now streaming over at Metal Injection!

Vertikal II is out this Tuesday September 17th through Density Records!