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In Focus: Poisonous Birds


If you were around earlier today, you will have seen our introduction to The Monolith’s February In Focus artist Poisonous Birds; the pairing of former Chronographs bandmates Tom Ridley and Finn Mclean.

A band fresher than a first-year university student watching that iconic 90s American sitcom starring Will Smith, in front of an open window in December, Poisonous Birds’ music matches cinematic grandeur with dreamy vocals, unsettling electronics and big, thunderous payoffs.

As the artist we’re championing for the rest of the month, we’re delighted to be able to bring you an advance listen to their debut EP Gentle Earth, which drops this Friday via their own label Be Softly.

You can also find Poisonous Birds on BandcampSoundCloud and Apple Music, should any of those be your preferred platform, and make sure to keep your ears pricked for the rest of the month for more from us from and about the band!

Poisonous Birds on Twitter // Poisonous Birds on Instagram // Poisonous Birds on Ello