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We mentioned French electro-metal artist The Algorithm only last week when label Basick Records released a video for their track “Trojans“. Here we are again, only this time we (and by “we” we do in fact mean “Metal Hammer”) have the entire album streaming for you. It’s here. G’wan.

It’s called Polymorphic Code, and as the names of that and the hitherto mentioned track might alert you, this is thematically pretty heavy on the techno/computer/sci-fi/etc. Beeps are booped, widdles are middled, samples are served and other nonsense words that may or may not apply. What we can tell you is that this is a pretty interesting listen. It’s definitely heavy, and heads into Genghis Tron territory at times (sans the vocals), which is a good time for everybody involved.

The album is out next week on November 19th through Basick Records (Satan bless her, and all who sail in her).