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Check out Twilight Of The Gods’ new album in full


Supergroup Twilight of the Gods, fronted by Primordial vocalist Nemtheanga (who really seems to get around these days), are all ready to unleash their debut album on the world. The album, Fire on the Mountain, is released today. A couple songs have been released in advance, both of which were excellent, however in case you want to try the full album before you buy, Season of Mist were kind enough to provide the world with a full stream of it.

I’m only partway through the first listen as of writing this, but I can confirm that it is a delicious offering of neck-snapping heavy metal power and fire. A bit of Twilight of the Gods-era Bathory worship, as you may have guessed from the name, but this album is so much more than just that. I particularly like the title track, and the song “Children of Cain“. “Preacher Man” is also a treat to listen to.

Of course, Nemtheanga sounds amazing as usual, and seriously, this is the second album this year he’s been involved in – and neither of them are a new Primordial album (get on that soon though please), as the other one was him playing bass and doing vocals in doom supergroup Dread Sovereign. He is a very busy man, clearly. Good thing he is also a fantastic vocalist who has a sound nigh unmatched by any other. In the title track, when the song builds tension and speeds up, his scream of “and reign… FIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!” is absolutely awesome.

In a year that has lacked much of anything good from the true heavy metal camp, aside from Satan and Enforcer, Fire on the Mountain is heartily welcomed.

Go listen to it now, and bow before the majestic voice that is Nemtheanga (and the rest of the band too).

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