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Windhand make Soma available for streaming

Windhand soma

We’ve written about Virginian stoner doom metal band Windhand before when they released the first song from their upcoming album Soma, titled “Woodbine”. It was an excellent tidbit of heavy and smoke but it was only a snack. Now the band has offered us the full meal, by streaming the six song album over at Pitchfork. I had a bit of trouble getting it to work at first, because apparently Pitchfork’s music player is coded worse than Myspace’s old shitty streaming service (yeah I went there). Eventually I got it to work and can now report to you on it.

Soma is a heavy, oh so fucking heavy offering of cloudy stoner doom. Windhand sound like the American answer to Electric Wizard, but without the Lovecraftian lyrical themes. Dorthia’s vocals are appropriately windlike, reverbed and buried behind the smoky wall of guitar riff that is ever-present, hanging in the air like incense. The biggest (and nicest) surprise about the album is the acoustic song “Evergreen” which maintains their slow methodical song-writing style, but applies it to simple acoustic guitar and vocals instead. For the first time, we get to hear Dorthia’s voice mostly unrestrained by music, and she sounds fantastic. The song is haunting, perhaps perfect for listening to in your remote log cabin in the woods which, interestingly enough, is what is depicted on the album art.

The meat of the album comes in the last two songs, which combine for nearly 45 minutes, including the half-hour long epic, “Boleskin”, both of which are excellent. They really let the songs breathe, worming their way into our heads like stoner doom worms.

Stream the album here and experience the smothering, riffer madness.

Soma will see release on September 17th through Relapse Records. You can pre-order it now in various formats, but if you live outside the US, be prepared for outrageous shipping prices.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for this release? Will you be buying it? What do you think about those shipping prices? What’s your favourite track from the album? Sound off in the comments!

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