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Cathartic Floridian hardcore outfit Centuries make their debut album available for streaming


Lately, Southern Lord have been on quite the streak of releasing consistently killer crust records, what with the new Dead In The Dirt (which we wrote about here), and now the debut album from hardcore band Centuries. These Floridian kids may be young blood in the scene, but ever since their inception they have been working hard, making a name for themselves as one of the most sincere, intense and hardworking bands in the area.

Though this may only be their first release, Centuries play with a level of assured control and composition that would take many other bands years to form. Taedium Vitae is a focused and no holds barred release, a swift jab to the base of the skull as it roars out of the gate, filled with an uncontrollable angst, and that abrasive, almost blackened hardcore tone.

I realize that I mentioned angst before, but don’t be fooled, this isn’t a band content that rest on their laurels, this is a band that has a real passion for their music. Taedium Vitae is a brisk, but addictive listen, as the band wastes no time in conveying their message through their caustic, emotional crust assault. This is a band that are real kids, they’ve tasted fear, dejection, real genuine angst and they’re bearing their souls for all to witness. Stream Taedium Vita below as it’s a compelling listen:

Souther Lord are clearly very proud of their latest release as they describe it as:

“Taedium Vitae blasts by under a consistently intense regime of percussive perdition, with moments of unique fascination – white noise nose dives, string-wrenching clamour and an all encompassing overcast mood, delivered through the medium of brimstone hardcore and the burnt flavour of dejected crust.

I certainly find it difficult to disagree with their assessment.

Taedium Vita is out now via Southern Lord.

What do you guys think? Is this your style of music? Have you been impressed by the recent Southern Lord releases? Sound off in the comments!

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