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Listen to the stream of Revocation’s new album to hear their latest thrash metal opus

Revocation - Revocation

Regardless of your personal preferences, there’s no denying that thrash metal is one of the quintessential metal subgenres ever created. It was one of the first to truly take flight, so to speak, and help lift the metal scene from its primitive foundations through the multiple burgeoning scenes that all had their own version of it. It’s surprising then that thrash metal has actually proved over time to be one of the more difficult areas of metal to truly innovate in. Thrash tends to focus primarily on the work of the guitarists, with the percussion providing faithful support, and the vocals only adding extra angst to serve the riffs, never to undermine them. As such, thrash metal has always been a genre that has fell rather flat to me.

Revocation originally made waves at the start of their career by being an exciting addition to the stale world of thrash metal, through creating kinetic and pulsing thrash that combined dazzling technicality and focused musicianship that fused together to create impressive feats of songwriting. While it could most definitely be argued that their earlier material had “more to prove” and at times lost itself in trying to truly demonstrate the immense fretboard wizardry of lead guitarist and vocalist David Davidson. At the time, I wasn’t too impressed with the band, but they clearly had potential.

Since then though, Revocation have grown exponentially as songwriters, with last year’s EP release, Teratogenesis being one of my favourite thrash releases I’d heard in some time. This made me far more receptive and interested in checking out their new album, their fifth in total, which is self titled.

It’s always interesting when a band so far in their career chooses to name their album as self titled. Normally reserved for the debut album, the coveted eponymous title can often either mean a lack of creativity or care, or perhaps this is a band that is so proud of the music that they’ve created at this moment, that they feel like it’s what they’ve always been striving for, hence at that particular time, they feel that the album perfectly encapsulates their sound. If those are the only options, then we can assume that Revocation are definitely working with the latter in mind.

I’ve had the record in my possession for a few weeks now and I can testify that even as someone who is not particularly a fan of thrash metal this album at its best moments will go a long way to knock your socks off. For one thing, on earlier releases the vocals felt like an afterthought when compared to the guitar prowess, whereas now Davidson has really worked on his voice and barks his lines with a surprising and extremely welcome ferocity. Now, you can all finally hear it over at Guitarworld, who are streaming the whole album. What are you waiting for? Make sure to come back here and tell us what you think!

Personal highlights would have to be the insanely catchy central melody in “The Gift You Gave” and the banjo parts/incredible technical breakdown present in “Invidious“. What are your favourite parts?

What do you guys think? Is this some of Revocation’s best work yet? Are you a fan of the band? What’s your favourite parts of the album? What do you think about bands who call their albums self titled?

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