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Suffocation guitarist also buys own CD to illustrate a point

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Veteran Long Island death metal outfit Suffocation released their seventh studio album Pinnacle Of Bedlam a couple of weeks back. Not counting a five-year break from 1998-2003, they’ve been together for twenty years or so, and are pretty much part of the furniture now. It’s hard for bands of a certain age to stay fresh (not looking at anyone in particular, Metallica), but being picked up by Nuclear Blast five years ago seems to have done them no harm, and despite the loss of original drummer Mike Smith (again), they’re obviously still very much into what they do.

We’ve been discussing tours a bit around Monolith Towers lately, and specifically how we in Europe never tend to get these barnstorming six or seven-band monster tours. Whilst not every band from Exhumed, through Jungle Rot, Rings Of Saturn and Adimiron right down to Lord Of War will grab your attention, I think it’s great that the American continent tends to make the most out of events like this when given the opportunity.

Of course, we do still get the best festivals…

Anywiddles, dates are in our calendar; go and check out if they swing by near you, and see if anything else is coming you way whilst you’re at it.

It’s kind of topical that this tour reared its head, and probably no surprise, as Suffocation guitarist Guy Marchais threw up this video on Thursday, in which he drives to the local mall, walks into an F.Y.E., finds Pinnacle Of Bedlam and buys it. In fact, he buys the DVD version for just over $19 (including tax), which is pretty cheap if you ask us. It’s a smart way of reminding one and all that the album is out, don’t you think?

The point he’s trying to make is how easy it is to do. He doesn’t seem to be against illegal downloading per se, but as long as you buy the album if you like it, which let’s be honest, it about the fairest point you can make here. Whilst I’d perhaps argue that driving to a store to pick up the latest death metal release isn’t always as simple as that sounds, a lot of shops are getting a better selection – I’m often hearing of general surprise at the range shops like Walmart are carrying in terms of metal releases – but if you live in Bumblescut, KY then it’s not always possible, so the enticement of owning the physical product isn’t always there – and that before you get into the whole physical vs. digital argument.

It’s a point that’s been made before, and will most definitely be made again, but you have to have sympathy. Personally I can’t stand the “but it’s art, you should have to pay for art” argument. It’s their product; they can charge what they want for it. YOU don’t get to define or decide that.

If you needed any help deciding whether or not to do just that, make sure to check out our review of Pinnacle Of Bedlam later this afternoon! Handy plug that, innit.

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