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Get slaughtered this summer with DEP, AAL Periphery and more

The Summer Slaughter 2013 lineup

It’s not that often any more that I get jealous of North American tours. I mean sure, the Coheed and Cambria/Between the Buried and Me one from February was pretty good, but I got the distinct impression that the CoKids didn’t take to BtBaM’s general idiom very well, and that Coheed may have been a little tame for the BtBaMers.

To be honest, I’ve lost track of all the good shows going on that side of the pond, so wealthy is the continent with fantastic tours, so I’d not be surprised if there’s a little bit of burnout around the corner.

That said, the lineup for the annual Summer Slaughter tour is just nuts, and is quite likely to turn more than a few heads. With eight bands announced so far, and more to come (more on that later), let’s run down just how nuts.

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Heading the bill are one of the most popular and hyped extreme acts around. With a new albumOne Of Us Is The Killer – on the horizon, this makes perfect sense, and is a bit of a coup I’d imagine.

Animals As Leaders

Perhaps the big-name wildcard on this tour, Tosin & co. are very highly respected, and will bring something a bit different to the proceedings for certain.


The hardest working band in prog metal makes perfect sense, and rounds off a trio of sort-of Sumerian-affiliated bands at the top of the list. With PII behind them and Juggernaut on the horizon, expect a mix of ‘old’ and new from these guys, who are ever pushing forwards in their quest for world domination.

Norma Jean

The name ‘Norma Jean’ still immediately makes me think of the Blessed The Martyr, Kiss The Child days when Josh Scogin was still on the mic, but truthfully these guys are still making great music, and throwing some classy metalcore in to mix things up a bit seems like a good idea. Pretty sure these guys have got something new on the way too…

Cattle Decapitation

Pretty much everyone I know loved the shit out of Monolith To Inhumanity last year, and being that it bears out namesake, that’s hardly surprising. This is where things really start to get heavy on the line-up, and be sure to stay out of vocalist Travis Ryan’s way, lest his ire reduce you to a pile of smouldering ash.

The Ocean

My pick of the bill, with a heavy amount of bias, and again, a new record out soon (the sea-plumbing Pelagial). Of all their compadres, I’ve seen these guys most often, and they’ve never been anything short of fantastic. Despite bringing a new bassist into the fold recently, make sure to turn up on time to catch these guys.


One for the techies. Admittedly, I know little to nothing about these Bostonian tech-masters, but I’ve only ever heard rave reviews, and their chops are undeniable. Do they put on a good show? Pretty sure they do.


The Swedish death metallers round off the bill as we know it. This is a fairly low spot for a band that have been around since 1999. Intense, high-speed and fairly techy, the band have five albums’ worth of material with which to regale you.


As has happened in recent years, the organisers of the tour are giving you the chance to vote for the opening band of the tour, with a LOT of really good bands to choose from. Go here to vote for who you want. I’d be torn between Intervals, Last Chance To Reason and Nekrogoblikon, but it doesn’t really affect me so have at it.

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