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Tolkien-worshipping Summoning are set to release their new album this summer


Austrian epic black metal band Summoning are set to put out their first album in seven years. The album, Old Mornings Dawn, will be their first since their masterpiece Oath Bound was released in 2006. I am especially excited for this, since Summoning were one of the bands that got me into black metal. When I’d first heard Oath Bound, it blew me away that metal could sound so grand and sweeping; the guitar, drums, and keyboard were all geared towards creating a vast and otherworldly sound.

They borrow a lot from fantasy author J. R. R. Tolkien; it’s easily recognizable in their atmosphere, and they’ve been known to vocalise using the ‘black tongue’ – the language of the orcs. A lot of lyrical content in the past has come from his works too, although more from his poems than either of his better known works The Lord Of The Rings or The Hobbit.

Napalm Records have released the trailer for Old Mornings Dawn, and it showcases some stunning imagery of nature, and just fewer than two minutes of new music. The music sound fantastic, and gives me great hope for the album. It also features a few lines of spoken words, which add even more to the mystical tone of the trailer.

Napalm are making some special packages for pre-ordering, which include a limited deluxe box set, as well as a few different coloured LPs. I intend to pre-order the box set edition as soon as I can!

View the trailer here:

The tracklisting for the record will be as follows:

01. Evernight
02. Flammifer
03. Old Mornings Dawn
04. The White Tower
05. Caradhras
06. Of Pale White Morns and Darkened Eves
07. The Wandering Fire
08. Earthshine

As you can see, there will be plenty more Tolkien-related goodness!

Here’s some older songs to whet your appetite:

The album can be pre-ordered at Napalm Records, and will be released on June 7th,

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