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The Sun Explodes tease their stormy new record

The Sun Explodes - The Calm, The Storm EP art

We were most pleasantly surprised, back in 2013, to be supplied with a copy of Cumbrian quintet The Sun Explodes‘ (then) new album We Build Mountains. It was both musically resplendent and immediately accessible, with the dual vocals of frontman Dave Maclachlan (clean) and guitarist Alex Adamson (growls) particular highlights of the light/dark tone.

Close to two years on, and we’ve only continued to fall in love with the band. They’re fantastic fun live, and great guys to boot, and so it’s with great glee that we today learned some details of their next release.

The Calm, The Storm will be an EP, and rather than just the bare essentials, they set Dave to the task of explaining himself in video format:

As the handsome man says, they’ll be dropping a video for lead single “The Unnatural” on Monday 13th April, with the EP itself coming hopefully in May.

The segment of the song both looks and sounds fantastic, which is no surprise really. I’m informed they’ve been sitting on this material for a while, and indeed, are already well on their way with the next album – including messing around with some new extended range guitars – so they’re undoubtedly well keen to get this one out there. It’s guaranteed we’ll be passing opinion on it, so keep an eye out for that in the coming months.

The guys are taking some down-time at the moment to promote the EP, but it’s sort of enforced due to some ear-related bad news bears for Alex, so best of wishes and the speediest/least painful of recoveries to him.

Whilst you wait for new material, it’s well worth having a bang on We Build Mountains to get an idea of what’s to expect from The Calm, The Storm.