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The Sun Explodes debut video for first new track from forthcoming EP

The Sun Explodes The Unnatural video

The Sun Explodes. Hopefully this is a name you know well enough by now, and your excitement for their forthcoming EP The Calm, The Storm is registering at least as high as ours – but if not, let us clue you in.

This sexy northern quintet hail from Carlisle in Cumbria – not quite Scotland, but almost. The north is known as a harsh, unyielding place, but it’s also beautiful. The Sun Explodes characterise their native land perfectly, mixing brashness and a rugged charm with soaring progressive tendencies and a ethereal vocals.

They’re today presenting the first slice of a new chapter in their history; next month will see the release of their new EP The Calm, The Storm, and by way of introduction they’ve produced this new video for single “The Unnatural“. Take a look:

Cut from the same cloth as an older track of theirs called ”Serpentine“, the song begins with a frantically-paced stabbing chord/drum blast combo, but quickly eases into proggier territory, with effects-heavy guitars, string arrangements and Dave MacLachlan’s soaring vocals building up to a climactic ending worthy of We Build Mountains’ terrific closing track. There’s also a trademark TSE post-what-you-think-is-the-ending riff-fest.

Their videos are always produced with a deft touch, and this one is no different. Mostly performance video, it’s beautifully lit and shot; simple yet effective.

It’s a grand sign that the EP will continue the group’s sharp upward trajectory. The Calm, The Storm will be out May 18th, and we can’t wait to hear it.

The band are currently laying low gig-wise as guitarist Alex recovers from an aural complaint, but we expect to see them back and raring to go soon.