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If Sylosis isn’t a name that at least rings a bell to you, here’s your wake up call. England’s finest thrash export has released a brand spankin’ new music video,  bringing more riffs and solos than you shake a stick at. Entitled “Fear The World“, the track comes from their latest album Monolith, which was released last month via Nuclear Blast.

The video itself is nothing mind blowing, but with a song like this I would be offended if it was obnoxiously glossed over with special effects and didn’t showcase the band’s actual talent. Speaking of talent, for those unaware, we here at the Monolith are good friends of Sylosis as their very own axe-wielder Alex Bailey is the web developer behind this fine establishment. “You’re telling me that Sylosis not only provides great metal but a great metal website as well?!”  Yes. Yes I am.

Seriously though guys, check this video out. It’s bands like these I point people towards to demonstrate that metal is alive and well. Be sure to check them out on their current U.S. tour supporting Lamb Of God and In Flames  if they’ve still yet to make it through your neck of the woods. Check the dates in our events calendar - tonight they’re at the Congress Theater in Chicago. Enjoy.