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Symphony X are back once more

Symphony X 2015

Symphony X have made a name for themselves among multiple varying groups of metal fans; intersecting and drawing the tastes of progressive, power metal, technical and symphonic metal fans alike, all due to their unique blend of power prog.

Unfortunately, they have also garnered a name for the dramatic length of time between albums. By the time the band’s newly announced ninth studio effort – titled Underworld – is released, it will have been four years since their last. Not quite as long of a wait as fans had to endured between their two most acclaimed albums, 2002′s The Odyssey and 2007′s Paradise Lost, but four years is still a hell of a long wait. Of course, you can’t rush perfection.

And it seems that after numerous side projects, and years of down time, lead guitarist and primary songwriter Michael Romero has finally gotten into the Symphony X mindset again, and his troupe of talented musicians are ready to unleash Underworld on to the world. Unfortunately the announcement on their official Facebook page left a little to be desired, as the new artwork isn’t quite… appealing. You know, visually. However, we’ve learned never to judge a book – or rather an album in this instance – by its cover.

Which leads us into the album’s first single, the aggressive, melodic, and aggressively melodic “Nevermore”! Have a listen:

It’s your typical Symphony X affair, yet somehow that is never really a bad thing. Romero shreds on the guitar, weaving these intricate and tight leads with the beautiful rhythm guitar, and a hell of a speed metal riff for the chorus. Russel Allen brings his usual soaring power metal range, combining both his rugged Pantera-esque vocals in the verses and beautiful high notes in the chorus. It all blends together for a hell of an introduction for the new album. However, it doesn’t present a clear, distinct identity for what the album will sound like – but we have ample time for that case to be made.

Here’s how the tracklist will run, at any rate:

Symphony X - Underworld
01. Overture
02. Nevermore
03. Underworld
04. Without You
05. Kiss Of Fire
06. Charon
07. Hell And Back
08. In My Darkest Hour
09. Run With The Devil
10. Swansong
11. Legend

Underworld is out on July 24th, via Nuclear Blast Records. The band have announced a new co-headlining North American tour with Overkill, which will take place throughout September and October of this year. Definitely something to check out if you’re into the more aggressive side of power metal.

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