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It wasn’t too long ago that we fawned all over Mechina‘s newest single “Anathema. While some of you may have only seen the song title and rushed in ready to talk about Weather Systems (trust us, we know it’s great) others did take the time to discover just how fantastic a song Mechina had chosen to show off from their new album Empyrean.

Now it gets better, because much like the group’s last single “Andromeda” and the song “Anti-Theist” from Conqueror, they have decided to make it so you can download this one for free on their page, marking three songs now (and a total of something close to twenty minutes of music) that these guys have given away. All three songs are absolutely worth your time and it’s pretty easy to download them from For those of you who want to know what you’re in for, you can check out the song “Anathema” at the link above, ”Andromeda” at this fancy link here and “Anti-Theist” at this one here. There hasn’t really been any explanation as to why these guys have decided to make all of their songs that start with an A free, but maybe there’s some sort of deeper message being conveyed here about car insurance and it’s effects on religious beliefs.

Download the latest single Anathema here.
Get Anti-Theist right here.
And Andromeda lay here.